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OCI Logging – Complete Hands-on Series

Logging is a very important aspect of any workload

The purpose of this series is not to tell you why logging is so important, but rather to showcase OCI Logging and present you with different ways how to take advantage of its full capabilities.

So, in a few words, OCI Logging is a fully managed, highly scalable single pane of glass for all your logs.

In OCI we have three different types of logs:

  1. Audit logs: Logs related to events emitted by the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Audit service. These logs are available from the Logging Audit page or are searchable on the Search page alongside the rest of your logs.
  2. Service logs: Emitted by OCI native services, such as API GatewayEventsFunctionsLoad BalancingObject Storage, and VCN Flow Logs. Each of these supported services has pre-defined logging categories that you can enable or disable on your respective resources.
  3. Custom logs: Logs that contain diagnostic information from custom applications, other cloud providers, or an on-premise environment. Custom logs can be ingested through the API, or by configuring the Unified Monitoring Agent. You can configure an OCI compute instance/resource to directly upload Custom Logs through the Unified Monitoring Agent. Custom logs are supported in both a virtual machine and bare metal scenario.

Here is the entire series with hands-on examples, enjoy!

  1. How to gain insight into your OCI Native Resources with Service Logs
  2. How to configure custom logs in OCI for any type of workload
  3. How to get logs from OKE with OCI Logging
  4. How to find and search logs efficiently in OCI
  5. How to archive logs in OCI for longer periods of time
  6. How to set up alerts on specific log queries in OCI
  7. How to create custom dashboards of your logs in OCI

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